Government Metal Fabrication Services

Kanyana Engineering has the versatile capabilities to provide metal fabrication services for government clients. After decades in the business, we’ve fulfilled custom metal fabrication requirements for major government contracts, as well as providing our services to other contractors on public projects of all kinds.  

Based in the Peel Region, WA, Kanyana Engineering provides a range of quality metal fabrication services and solutions for government clients. We specialise in:

  • End-to-end high-precision metal fabrication solutions 
  • Custom metal fabrication and design services
  • Metal statement artworks, laser cut panels, screens and signage 
  • Secondary processors and assembly projects 
  • CAD to CAM – simulate assembly to cut out delays and reworks
  • Coded and certified welders for specific industries and projects

At Kanyana Engineering, our workshop capabilities are world-class, and thanks to our diverse collection of experience, we’re equipped to deliver results on a broad range of metal fabrication requirements. Our experience and knowledge make us the perfect partner for collaboration, from ideation and design through to fabrication.

We pride ourselves on our solutions-focused approach, resolving tough problems in the most cost-effective manner to satisfy all stakeholders. If you require high-quality metal fabrication for local, state or Federal government needs, get in contact with the expert team at Kanyana Engineering.

Metal Fabrication Services for Government Clients

At Kanyana Engineering, the following metal fabrication processes are used to aid in local and state government projects:

  • Laser Cutting – quick, effective and precise when cutting steel and most other metals. Whether you require large sheets, panels, roofing, cleats, or other materials for your infrastructure project, we can laser cut sheet metal to your specific requirements. At Kanyana Engineering, we utilise two industry-leading CNC laser cutters, the 2021 15kw Bystronic Bystar Fiber Laser and the Bystronic Byspeed 3015 Laser. 
  • Custom Metal Art & Signage – Kanyana Engineering can manufacture custom metal art to any dimensions you require. We’ve participated in many local and state government projects requiring custom metal artwork, including the Kalbarri Skywalk and Wildflower Country Trail.

  • Metal Bending & Folding – our CNC folding and bending process will shape sheets of metal to the exact specifications and requirements of your infrastructure project. One of the benefits of this technique is avoiding welds which can potentially be a weak spot in finished assemblies. It’s also a cost-effective and labour-effective process. The Kanyana Engineering workshops offers the use of three powerful machines, the Bystronic Xpert Pro (3100mm), the Bystronic Xact Smart (4100mm) and the Yawei Press Brake. 
  • Specialist Welding – used extensively for infrastructure works. Kanyana Engineering offers quality TIG, MIG, coded and certified welders in-house, and our team has a reliable track record, including the knowledge investment and skill to tackle more challenging projects. 

Other metal fabrication processes used in government projects include NC guillotine cutting, CAD + CAM services, laser engraving and etching for barcoding or tracking of components. 

At Kanyana Engineering, our custom metal fabrication capabilities mean we can handle an extensive range of tasks, from structural steel to intricate railings and decorative laser cut panels. The range of parts we have previously crafted include steel frames, roofing panels, fuel tanks, industrial enclosures, vehicle fit-outs, machinery components, and other custom production runs. 

Our cutting-edge machinery and computer-aided design software take steel fabrication to another level of precision. We work according to your needs and specifications, from design through to fabrication and assembly.

With extensive experience fabricating for construction, infrastructure, defence, creative arts and many more sectors, we have insight into the demands of the industry, and collaborate effectively in a variety of contracting environments. Kanyana Engineering effectively meets the demands of public and private stakeholders on all projects, whether large or small.  

For a full overview of Kanyana Engineering services, download our full Capability Statement.

What Metals Can We Work With?

At Kanyana Engineering, we have experience working with a large assortment of metals. This makes us well equipped to take on a wide variety of government projects, including working with multiple metals. 

With our fabrication expertise and investment in cutting-edge equipment, we are confident in achieving world-class results. 

Materials we work with include: 

  • Stainless Steel – Up to 50mm thick, in all grades from marine to industrial. 
  • Mild Steel – Up to 50mm thick and all grades. 
  • Galvanised Zinc – All thicknesses and sizes. 
  • Aluminium – Up to 50mm thick and all grades from tread and marine to industrial. 
  • Corten – Up to 30mm thick. 
  • Copper – Up to 20mm thick. 
  • Brass – Up to 20mm thick. 

For a full overview of Kanyana Engineering services, download our full Capability Statement.

Our Projects

Over our 25-year history, the team at Kanyana has contributed to a variety of government projects. From local council installations to large-scale state government infrastructure contracts, we’re proud to have assisted in bringing these projects to life. 

The following are just some of the many government projects our team has contributed to: 

Kalbarri Skywalk

Kanyana Engineering was commissioned by Bocol Construction to contribute to the skywalk project at the Kalbarri National Park. We provided the laser cut panels to both skywalks, the structural cleats for the panelling and the art panels in the cafeteria roof. 

See the full project showcase and gallery here

Kensington Career Fire Station Artwork

This metal artwork project was commissioned for the new Kensington Fire Station by the Department for Fire and Emergency Services through Western Australia’s Percent for Art Scheme. For this state government project, Kanyana produced a multilayered feature fence on a 36m wide Corten background, with powder-coated feature panels. 

See the full project showcase and gallery here

Wildflower Country Signage:

The signage crafted by Kanyana for the Wildflower Country trail spans eight government areas across Western Australia. Our team was commissioned by Kulbardi Hill to laser cut and fabricate many art pieces utilising and combining many different metals.

See the full project showcase and gallery here

Why Choose Kanyana Engineering?

Kanyana Engineering is the number one choice for metal fabrication in WA, proudly serving WA local shires, state government and defence needs. If you want your project completed to the highest standard, executed by cutting-edge equipment, and delivered with complete reliability, then Kanyana Engineering is the team to trust. 

Full In-House Metal Fabrication Services

Kanyana Engineering provides complete in-house production. We can take care of every aspect of your metal fabrication job. As technological leaders in the industry, you can be confident your project is in good hands. We have fully integrated services in house, with the capacity for large production runs or one-off metal fabrication projects and custom metal fabrication work in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and more. 

Design Capabilities & Understanding 

From industrial components through to sculptures, rigorously design is essential before manufacturing begins. We take the time to understand the intended uses of the finished product so we can ensure the best result is achieved. This is especially important for construction, infrastructure and defence needs, where the long-term safety of a structure depends on metal components being fit for their purpose.

We’re the Knowledge Specialists

At Kanyana Engineering, it is our unrivalled knowledge of the complete metal production process that enables us to accomplish outstanding results. Our team of experts strive to save both time and money for our clients by providing precise and error-free production. Where other contractors fail, we step up and find cost-effective solutions to every challenge.

Outstanding Client Experience 

Our number one goal is to deliver a seamless experience for Kanyana Engineering clients, from cutting-edge technology to great communication. With our workshop team expertly coordinating all aspects of the project, from design through to delivery, you’ll be fully informed from start to finish. 

World-Class Processes & Policies

With triple ISO certification and established policies in Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Management, you can trust that Kanyana Engineering has the qualifications and experience your project needs. Learn more

If your project could benefit from the Kanyana difference, get in touch with our expert team today.

Kanyana Engineering: Supporting the Australian Infrastructure Industry Since 1997

Kanyana Engineering is the premier choice for metal fabrication services at all levels of government. Based in the Peel Region of Western Australia, Kanyana Engineering has a strong history of working with local shires across WA. We’ve also played a valued role in key state infrastructure projects, with a clear track record of success. 

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