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For your custom laser engraving needs, choose Kanyana Engineering, Mandurah’s very own metal fabrication specialist. We’re dedicated to providing reliable laser engraving services in Perth and the surrounding region. 

Since 1997, Kanyana Engineering has been providing Perth businesses with high-quality laser engraving services, standing out from competitors with our reliable on-time delivery and utmost professionalism. We frequently engrave plaques and signs for Western Australian councils, local businesses and community groups, and our versatile workshop has the ability to engrave items in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

The entirety of our laser engraving process is done in-house at our Mandurah workshop, along with any other metal fabrication requirements you have. We stock sheet metal in a range of materials and can cut to size in addition to our laser engraving capabilities. This versatile in-house production process enables Kanyana Engineering to deliver excellent results, on budget and with a quick turnaround time.

Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped with professional laser engraving technology, with the largest capacity of any Perth area metal fabrication company. Couple that with the supervision of eagle-eyed, experienced technicians and you are assured of excellent results across a complete range of laser engraving applications. 

We accept all kinds of engraving and etching projects, from single-item orders to complex and high-volume production runs. We manufacture and engrave commemorative plaques, signs, metal artwork and many other items using the latest numerical control technology and extensive design capabilities.

Kanyana Engineering works closely with a range of Australian industries, including electrical service providers, mechanical shops, laboratories, mining companies, and local government agencies. Our other metal fabrication services include laser cutting to 32mm, CAD + CAM design and fabrication, folding and bending, and complete assembly processes. 

On every project, no matter how large or small, Kanyana Engineering is committed to providing clients with precise and reliable laser engraving in Perth.

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How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Laser engraving uses a high-tech, precise laser to engrave characters, images, and patterns into sheet metal and other metal products. The use of lasers for etching metal has many advantages over traditional engraving methods, including increased efficiency, precision and the ability to replicate results across large production runs.

The popularity of laser engraving has also given rise to novel metal alloys, coated metals, and laser-sensitive polymers specially designed to support the engraving process. These substrates make the markings even more pronounced and add to the finished product’s durability.

How does laser engraving work? A laser engraving machine fires a pinpoint laser beam on a substrate. The beam exposes the substrate to intense heat. That means the laser itself doesn’t touch the material. It’s the heat the laser generates that does the work.

Depending on the duration of the laser’s exposure, the area in the substrate that is targeted by the laser burns or evaporates, or the colour of the substrate changes and creates contrast. When cool, the engraved result is permanent, cannot be erased, and is very resistant to wear and tear.

Laser engraving has a vast range of aesthetic uses, from the fine arts and metal sculptures to engraving metal plaques and signage. However, there are also many more applications for industrial laser engraving, including direct photopolymer laser imaging, and direct laser engraving of flexographic plates and cylinders. 

Wondering if laser engraving or etching is the right marking technique for your needs? Our expert team would be happy to help.

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The Benefits of Laser Engraving

Lasers are among the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective mediums for engraving. Compared to traditional engraving, the resulting etchings are much higher in quality, producing a very clean and visually appealing finish.

Laser engraving is also consistent and reliable, offering the ability to reproduce results perfectly across large metal engraving projects and production runs.

Some of the key benefits of laser engraving include:

It’s no wonder laser engraving is the most in-demand etching method across an enormous range of Australian industries.

At Kanyana Engineering, we offer a versatile selection of laser etching and engraving services suitable for commercial, industrial and decorative applications.

Our Laser Engraving Equipment

Kanyana Engineering uses computer-guided laser engraving equipment to carry out all of our projects. Our keystone engraving hub is the ThunderLaser Mini 60 40-watt laser cutter and engraver, boasting incredible functionality and efficiency. 

When you choose Kanyana Engineering as your Perth laser engraving contractor, our skilled technicians and the ThunderLaser Mini 60 laser engraver are guaranteed to meet and exceed all your expectations.

We’re the number one provider of choice for countless businesses across Western Australia, as well as local councils and community groups. When you need high quality and reliable laser etching and engraving, you’ll get the best customer experience right here at Kanyana Engineering. 

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Kanyana Engineering is your number one option for laser engraving in Perth and surrounding regions. Why?

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