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Believe it or not, metal fabrication has a wide variety of applications in the creative arts industry. Everything from sculptures to stage sets can be created with versatile metal processing capacity. It may not be the most glamorous part of the creative arts industry, but metal fabrication is a critical process that helps to bring projects to life.

Metal fabrication is a process that involves creating or shaping metal parts using tools and equipment. It can be used to create everything from small pieces to large structures. Using the right tools and equipment, metal fabrication can speed up and increase the quality of many types of creative art projects.

Based in the Peel Region, WA, Kanyana Engineering provides a range of quality metal fabrication services for the art world. We specialise in:

  • End-to-end metal fabrication solutions 
  • Design and fabrication services 
  • Laser cut panels, screens and signage 
  • Creative problem-solving 
  • Work closely in collaboration with artists to create unique and memorable art projects.

If you’re looking for a metal fabrication service that can help with your next creative arts project, Kanyana Engineering has you covered. We have the experience and equipment to help you get the most out of your next artistic endeavour.

Broome Air Raid Artwork

Broome Air Raid commemorative artworks marking the 80th anniversary of the raid on Broome in 1942 WWII

Why is Metal Fabrication Important for Artists?

In the creative arts industry, having the perfect materials is essential – and with a full range of metal fabrication processes available today, you won’t need to compromise on your vision.  The possibilities of metal fabrication allow artists to create detailed and complex designs at whatever scale they imagine, including large art installations and sculptures. 

Metal fabrication lets you customise products to fit your specific needs. This is especially important in the creative arts industry, where every project is unique. With metal fabrication services, you can get the exact product you need – no more and no less.

Artists can let their imaginations run free when they have the backing of an experienced metal fabrication team. These services allow artists to branch out and explore new processes and materials within their work, or create commissioned art pieces to suit any client’s requirements. This can lead to new and innovative ideas, and help drive innovation in the arts. 

At Kanyana Engineering, our team can also help with the design phase of creative projects. We can offer an engineering perspective built on years of experience to help you conceptualise what’s possible and find the right processes to get there.

Kanyana Engineering is a leading metal fabrication company servicing the art world since 1997. We can help you create the perfect piece for your next project, whether your vision is simple or imaginative.

What Metals Are Used in the Creative Arts Industry?

There is a range of metals that can be used in the creative arts industry, each with its own unique properties.

Some of the most common metals used in creative arts projects include:

  • Steel –  Strong and durable, steel is perfect for heavy-duty projects. It’s also one of the most versatile metals, making it suitable for almost any process.  
  • Copper –  Copper is a soft metal that is easy to work with. It has a beautiful colour that makes it popular in artistic projects.
  • Brass – A mixture of copper and zinc, brass is tougher than copper but softer than steel. It is perfect for projects that need to be delicate but still withstands a lot of wear and tear.
  • Aluminium – Lightweight and strong, aluminium is perfect for projects that need to be portable. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it a good choice for outdoor sculptures.

When it comes to metal fabrication for the creative arts industry, choosing the right metal is essential. At Kanyana Engineering, we can help you decide which material will work best for your artwork or equipment.

To keep it simple, all our services are provided in-house, from computer-aided design through to laser cutting, bending and welding.

How is Steel Used in the Creative Arts Industry?

Steel has a wide variety of uses in the creative arts space. Steel is often chosen for art projects because it is strong and durable, and can be easily welded, shaped, etched and more. 

Stainless steel sculptures are popular because they can be easily made to any size and weight. They are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor display, as they won’t corrode in the rain or sun. Mirror polished stainless steel is becoming more popular for sculpture work as it has a very attractive finish.

Steel is also commonly used in the framing of large art pieces. By providing a sturdy frame, the art piece can be hung without fear of it falling or being damaged. This is a particularly important consideration for outdoor installations.

At Kanyana Engineering, we can offer you a variety of metal fabrication services, and with many years of experience behind us, we can help choose the right metal for your sculpture. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team for a true collaboration, get in touch with Kanyana Engineering today.

Our Projects: Wildflower Country Trail

In 2016, the team at Kanyana Engineering worked with artist Sally Malone to design and create beautiful signage and outdoor art pieces for Wildflower Country, WA. 

Sally Malone worked alongside Kulbardi Hill Consulting and Clear Vision Graphics for this art project. She designed unique and interpretive signage to be positioned around the ‘Exploring Wildflower Country’ trail. 

At Kanyana Engineering, we were well equipped to take on this unique art project. We fabricated a range of different art pieces for this project combining several metals including steel, Corten weathering steel, aluminium, and galvanised metals. 

We utilised our advanced laser cutting machinery to create a range of branding, directional and interpretive signage, all with a different aesthetic in mind. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate Kanyana’s capacity to work with multiple metals to create intricate, durable outdoor art pieces. 

See the full project showcase and gallery here

Our Capabilities

At Kanyana Engineering, the following metal fabrication processes are used to aid the arts industry:

  • Laser cutting – quick, effective and precise when cutting steel and most other metals. At Kanyana Engineering, we utilise two industry-leading CNC laser cutters, the 2021 15kw Bystronic Bystar Fiber Laser and the Bystronic Byspeed 3015 Laser.
  • Metal bending and folding – our CNC folding and bending process will shape sheets of metal to the exact specifications and requirements. One of the benefits of this technique is avoiding welds which can potentially be a weak spot in finished pieces. It’s also a cost-effective and labour-effective process. The Kanyana Engineering workshops offers the use of three powerful machines, the Bystronic Xpert Pro (3100mm), the Bystronic Xact Smart (4100mm) and the Yawei Press Brake.
  • Specialist welding – used extensively for complex sculptures and metal art pieces. Kanyana Engineering offers quality TIG, MIG, coded and certified welders in-house, and our team has a reliable track record, including the knowledge investment and skill to tackle more challenging projects.

Other metal fabrication processes used in the creative arts include NC guillotine cutting, CAD + CAM services, laser engraving and etching for barcoding or tracking of components. 

From start to finish, you’ll benefit from our expertise and problem-solving approach. As technological leaders in the industry, you can be confident your project is in expert hands with Kanyana Engineering’s extensive design knowledge. 

If you’re getting started on your next creative arts project, get in touch with the expert team at Kanyana Engineering to take your artwork to the next level. 

For a full overview of Kanyana Engineering services, download our full Capability Statement.

Why Choose Kanyana Engineering?

The Kanyana Engineering team are experts in all things metal artwork. We understand and respect the importance of the arts industry, so whatever your vision, we can help bring it to life. With the help of our strong design team and computer-aided machinery, we can help you create any metal art project. 

When you choose Kanyana Engineering as your local metal art specialist, you can be confident that we’ll work closely with you and respect your vision from start to finish. What’s the end result? Metal art that is exceptional, locally crafted, and stands out from the crowd.

Full In-House Metal Fabrication Services

Kanyana Engineering provides complete in-house production. We can take care of every aspect of your metal fabrication job. As technological leaders in the industry, you can be confident your project is in good hands. We have fully integrated services in house, with the capacity for large production runs or one-off metal art projects and custom metal art work in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and more. 

Design Capabilities & Understanding 

Metal art and sculpture work poses its own set of design challenges. We take the time to understand the creative vision behind the project. Understanding our clients’ ultimate goal is critical to ensure that results meet and exceed expectations. This is especially important for creative arts projects, where finished pieces need to meet aesthetic requirements as well as being structurally sound.

We’re the Knowledge Specialists

At Kanyana Engineering, it is our unrivalled knowledge of the complete metal production process that enables us to accomplish outstanding results. Our team of experts strive to save both time and money for our clients by providing precise and error-free production. Where other contractors fail, we step up and find cost-effective solutions to every challenge.

Outstanding Client Experience 

Our number one goal is to deliver a seamless experience for Kanyana Engineering clients, from cutting-edge technology to great communication. With our workshop team expertly coordinating all aspects of the project, from design through to delivery, you’ll be fully informed from start to finish. 

World-Class Processes & Policies

With triple ISO certification and established policies in Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Management, you can trust that Kanyana Engineering has the qualifications and experience to achieve exceptional results. Learn more

If your project could benefit from the Kanyana difference, get in touch with our expert team today. 

Kanyana Engineering: Supporting the Australian Creative Arts Industry Since 1997

Kanyana Engineering is the premier choice for metal fabrication services in the creative arts today. With years of experience across our team and a strong connection to the West Australian community, you can trust Kanyana for outstanding results every time. 

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