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Metal Fabrication Design In Perth

In these fast-paced times, the metal fabrication industry needs to keep up with customer demands and tighter production timelines. Clients expect an expedited experience, with precise results and no margin for error – meaning the results need to be perfect the first time, every time.

Kanyana Engineering meets these client demands and expectations head-on. How?
By offering complete, in-house metal fabrication design services using the latest CAD and CAM technology.

We understand that clients can’t always provide CAD drawings or models for their desired metalwork. In fact, you may need metal components designed from scratch or the creation of a prototype design. In all of these scenarios, Kanyana Engineering can assist with both CAD (Computer-Aided Design) + CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) requirements in-house.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals, using the most cutting-edge equipment and software in Australia. And our expertise doesn’t stop at the modelling stage – we can take any project from pre-production prototypes through to full production runs. This way, you can be assured of a smooth, seamless, end-to-end process from design to assembly.

Our 20+ years of experience allows us to serve a variety of Australian industries in an extremely cost-effective manner. From construction to the creative arts, government and defence to agricultural applications, we’re equipped to handle all varieties of metal fabrication work.

At our Mandurah workshop, we produce parts, sub-assemblies and complete products in a variety of metals and finishes. In-house CAD design services and engineering capabilities combined with full NC automation allows us to create and manufacture virtually any shape or design.

If you’re facing a design challenge or need metal prototyping services, Kanyana Engineering is your number one choice, and we’re located right here in Western Australia.

Benefits of In-House Metalwork Design & Fabrication

What are the advantages of contracting the full in-house design services of Kanyana Engineering?

Our experienced engineers can find any potential issues and offer solutions early, avoiding costly mistakes further down the line. By using a local business for your design and fabrication needs, you can easily consult with our technicians and evaluate prototypes in person, minus shipping and freight delays.

Entrusting our team with prototype design and manufacturing services means you no longer need to outsource integral parts of the production process. This saves you valuable time and eliminates errors that can arise when sharing and transferring plans between contractors.

Combining expertise, experience and the latest in cutting-edge metal fabrication technology, Kanyana Engineering delivers exactly what customers expect to receive. Our advanced production processes deliver the highest quality parts on time and on budget.

The design stage of any project is the most crucial – but it’s the element that many in the industry neglect. Our in-house production team ensures that client’s needs for custom work are met in all facets of the design process, from concept and design all the way through to assembly.

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2D & 3D Modelling - CAD + CAM

At Kanyana Engineering, crafting the highest quality metal components in Australia starts right at the beginning – with the concept, design and pre-production process. From the first consultation, we seek to understand clients’ needs and use state of the art technology to bring their concepts to life. Through sophisticated CAD + CAM software, our in-house design team can produce prototype models for all your needs, no matter how simple or complex.

We have the in-house capacity for large production runs, one-off metal fabrication designs and custom design services for all metal fabrication work.

What is CAD + CAM?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) go hand-in-hand when it comes to custom metal fabrication. Although they’re sometimes confused, CAD & CAM systems actually perform different functions:


Refers to the use of computers to aid in the creation, analysis, and modification of specific designs. While it is an essential tool used in the metal fabrication industry, it’s also used for many other creative and practical applications. Simply put, using CAD offers increased productivity and design quality, providing a blueprint for the component or object to be crafted.


Also referred to as “computer-aided modelling” or “computer-aided machining”, creations made via CAD can then be “fed” into CAM software by skilled technicians. This program controls the machinery, guiding it to create precise, accurate metal work optimised for the specific equipment in use. Basically, a toolpath is developed within the CAM software, a blueprint that communicates with the machinery and tells it exactly how to make each cut. 

CAD-to-CAM Benefits

One key benefit of in-house design services is the opportunity to analyse possible flaws and formulate resolutions early in the manufacturing process. Here are just some of the benefits of our high-level CAD-to-CAM solutions:

Overall, our CAD + CAM systems ensure speed, precision and accuracy in metal fabrication. The result? Hundreds of happy customers, as attested by our client testimonials.

We’d love to achieve another outstanding result on your upcoming project.


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Step vs DXF Files: Why File Type Matters

When it comes to computer-aided design and manufacturing, file types become the common language used to generate results. The most common file formats in the industry are STEP and DXF CAD files, and while both allow designers to share models, they also have key differences.

STEP files include an entire 3D model of the product to be fabricated, while DXF files are pre-flattened ‘patterns’ ready to feed directly into the CNC equipment. It may sound like DXF files are the most convenient solution, but at Kanyana Engineering, we strongly prefer to work with the 3D models or STEP files.

Why is this the case? Minute differences in equipment between metal fabricating workshops can ultimately lead to variations in results. The alteration is fractional, but at Kanyana Engineering, we have incredibly high standards for every project we undertake. Even the smallest variations in the production process can lead to problems following assembly, particularly for the most intricate metal components.

Our in-house CAD and CAM processes mean we can flatten 3D STEP files to perfectly suit our production equipment. When provided with 3D models rather than pre-flattened patterns, the level of precision we offer at Kanyana Engineering truly shines, and you can be assured the finished product is precisely as designed.

Unsure how this will impact your metal fabrication project? Our friendly team would be happy to walk you through the details.

Prototype Design & Manufacturing

High-quality prototype design can be an incredible asset in metal fabrication projects, especially during the developmental stage of a particular design. By viewing and trialling an early prototype of the final deliverable, you tap into a range of valuable benefits, including:

Kanyana Engineering’s prototype design and manufacturing services include:

Better yet, at Kanyana Engineering, we have the capacity for both low-volume and high-volume metal fabrication. This means we can produce a small quantity or even a single prototype, while also having the capabilities to complete your ultimate production run. Kanyana Engineering offers industry-leading design, prototyping and production services all under the same roof, using the same skilled team.

To ensure the highest quality, Kanyana utilises leading global MRP/ERP management software program and industry-leading mechanisation strategies. Our equipment is adaptable for quick prototype turnaround and quick-part manufacturing.

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Why Choose Kanyana Engineering for Metal Fabrication Prototyping & Design in WA?

At Kanyana Engineering, our decades of experience make us industry leaders for metal fabrication prototyping and design in Perth. In fact, our outstanding processes make us one of the leading metal fabrication companies Australia-wide.

There is no better team to bring your vision to life. Tap into the many benefits we have to offer your business, including:

Kanyana Engineering offers an almost limitless range of metal fabrication and manufacturing services. All of these processes are completed in-house by our experienced team and guided by our advanced computer modelling, minimising error and maximising compatibility.

To find out more about our in-house design services or prototyping capabilities, talk to one of our experts today.


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