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Revolutionising Precision with Cutting-edge Technology for over 27 years.

As the frontrunner in Australia, Kanyana Engineering harnesses state-of-the-art computerised systems that seamlessly integrate into your design process. Whether you provide CAD files, detailed drawings, or samples for reverse engineering, our qualified teams and advanced internal systems effortlessly adapt to your needs.

Setting Benchmarks with Advantages

Our advanced laser cutting process offers distinct advantages that set new benchmarks in steel component processing:

  • Precision: Unmatched accuracy.
  • Intricacy: Crafting complex geometries and fine details.
  • Design Freedom: Empowering innovation without limitations.
  • Small Diameter Holes: Achieving precision in intricate openings.
  • Cut Edge Quality: Delivering immaculate finished edges.
  • Speed: Swift processing without compromis

Why do you need the best laser cutting contractor in Western Australia?

Empowering Possibilities with Comprehensive Capability

Kanyana Engineering’s expertise extends across a wide spectrum, bolstered by cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to providing the utmost capability, driven by the world’s most advanced computerised systems, positions laser cutting as an unrivaled alternative to conventional methods. We’ve embraced the transformative potential of Fiber laser technology, revolutionising metal processing by enabling quicker, more efficient operations. Our investments in high-power fiber laser cutting machines underscore our dedication to upholding the highest standards of service and quality.

Elevating Manufacturing Through Technology

With a strategic machinery rotation and upgrade approach, Kanyana Engineering remains at the forefront of innovation. Over the past five years, we’ve made substantial investments in high-power fiber laser cutting machines, being the first Company to bring these machines into WA. This commitment equips us to offer unparalleled service and unmatched quality, solidifying our position as industry leaders in Australia.

Kanyana Engineering is not only a provider of manufacturing solutions; it’s a testament to Australia’s legacy of ingenuity and excellence.

The Kanyana Difference

At Kanyana Engineering, our decades of experience make us industry leaders for metal fabrication and design in Perth. Our outstanding processes make us one of the best metal fabrication companies Australia-wide, raising the bar for our competitors in the eastern states.


We have the experience necessary to deliver consistently high-quality results, on-time and within your budget.


We employ a team of industry professionals, whose diverse skills allow us to offer a complete, in-house production set.


Expect greater efficiency, shorter lead times and a higher quality result when you choose Kanyana Engineering.


We are focused on classic Australian customer service standards while keeping up with the latest innovations in manufacturing.

Our Laser Cutting Equipment

Kanyana Engineering recognises the incredible benefits of advanced metal fabrication technology – from time savings and efficiency over large runs to the added precision of CNC Fiber laser cutting equipment. 

Our metal laser cutting services utilise state-of-the-art laser cutting technolo­gy to accurately cut a wide range of metals, including steel, stainless, alumini­um, and more. This process ensures clean, burr-free edges and enables intri­cate designs and complex shapes to be achieved with utmost precision. 

High speed fiber laser cutting up to 60mm thickness

Sheet sizes 6000mm x 2500mm

Tight tolerance 0.3mm

Sharp corner cutting

Fast Pierce and burr-free

Fiber laser cutting offers a range of advantages over traditional machinery. Increased production speed and energy efficiency allow us to offer even more affordable rates to our clients. Kanyana Engineering offers industry-leading quality while remaining extremely competitive on overall price and cost per part.



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Precision Laser Cutting to 50mm

As industry leaders, Kanyana Engineering offers precise laser cutting for sheet metal and other metal products up to 50mm thick.

We stock a wide range of material sheets, thicknesses from 0.35mm right up to 50mm and up to 6000mm x 2500mm in sheet size.

We stock sheets in most metals along with other parts such as RHS, pipes and angles.

Our laser cutting capabilities for sheet metal include:

To find out more about which metals we’re able to laser cut in-house, see our Capability Statement or Materials page

Laser Cutting - Frequently Asked Questions

Laser cutting is a versatile and widely-used process that spans many industries – from the arts to aviation, construction of buildings and infrastructure, and manufacturing of metal parts for companies big and small. Almost anyone in any industry can require custom laser cutting for a wide variety of applications. Efficient across large and small batches, there is no better way to cut sheet metal and other parts to size.

How does laser cutting compare to metal shearing and other fabrication techniques? Here’s a quick list of the benefits of laser cutting:

✓ Unparalleled precision resulting in clean cuts, smooth edges and precise curves every time.

✓ Programmable via CNC technology, so the cutting of complex shapes and patterns is easy and hassle-free

✓ Faster and more robust compared with other thermal cutting methods (eg. flame or plasma cutting)

✓ Automated and requiring minimal manual operation once programmed, making it cost-effective for large metal fabrication runs

✓ Speed, accuracy and precise repetition – all crucial benefits for large job orders and precision-sensitive metal components

✓ High-quality metal finish with virtually no need for any after-treatment

✓ Contactless cutting, without any risk of mechanical friction that can wear down tools and lead to errors

To reap all the benefits of this cutting-edge technology, partner with a world-class metal fabrication expert like Kanyana Engineering.

When searching for expert laser cutting in Perth and surrounds, there’s no one better than the team here at Kanyana. Not only do we have the best technology and most versatile service capacity in Western Australia – we are also industry pioneers.

In fact, Kanyana was the first metal fabrication company in the Mandurah area to use the revolutionary 10kw Bystronic Bystar Fiber Laser. Fiber laser cutting far out-performs plasma cutting on a full range of sheet metals, including conductive and non-conductive metals alike.

Here’s exactly why Kanyana Engineering delivers the best metal laser cutting service in Western Australia:

In addition to laser cutting, Kanyana offers an almost limitless range of metal fabrication and manufacturing services. All of these processes are completed in-house by our experienced team and guided by our advanced computer modelling, minimising error and maximising compatibility.

Interested in what our state-of-the-art lasers can accomplish? Whether you’re just beginning the design phase or you’re ready to start production, we’d love to hear from you.


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