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The Kanyana Difference

At Kanyana Engineering, our decades of experience make us industry leaders for metal fabrication and design in Perth. Our outstanding processes make us one of the best metal fabrication companies Australia-wide, raising the bar for our competitors in the eastern states.


Since Kanyana Engineering was established in 1997, we’ve been at the forefront of metal fabrication in Western Australia. We have the experience necessary to deliver consistently high-quality results, on-time and within your budget. 

Kanyana Engineering views knowledge as our greatest asset, and it’s this unparalleled understanding of the entire metal fabrication process that allows us to achieve such exceptional results. 


We employ a team of industry professionals, whose diverse skills allow us to offer a complete, in-house production set. We can provide clients with an end-to-end process – from design to full-assembly.

From design to laser cutting, CNC bending and folding to welding, we handle each step with precision and finesse. This holistic approach ensures seamless coordination, uncompromising quality, and efficient project execution.



Our all-encompassing expertise in every aspect of manufacturing sets the stage for unparalleled efficiency.

By housing all stages of production under one roof at Kanyana Engineering, we streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and reduce the complexities of managing multiple vendors. This seamless integration translates to quicker turnaround times, enhanced quality control, and a smoother project flow.

Our clients benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact, ensuring clearer communication and a more agile response to evolving project needs. Efficiency is woven into every project we undertake, delivering results that exceed expectations.


Kanyana Engineering is a family-run business, focused on classic Australian customer service standards while keeping up with the latest innovations in manufacturing. 

We take special care in ensuring that we nurture our relationships with our customers, keeping them up to date and exceeding expectations at every point of contact. 

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If your current metal fabrication contractor leaves you feeling underwhelmed – or worse, with an endless supply of problems to resolve – it’s time to take the next step. Get in touch with our expert team and experience the Kanyana Difference.


About Us

Complete in-house metal fabrication services

What sets us apart from other laser cutting services in Western Australia? Kanyana Engineering offers complete in-house production solutions. Let us handle every stage of your metal fabrication project – from concept and design through to laser cutting, assembly and finishing. Eliminate the hassle and sidestep errors with our end-to-end fabrication services, all completed locally.

Kanyana Engineering aims to save our clients both time and money, delivering precise and error-free metal fabrication. Avoid the time and expense involved in juggling multiple contractors, while eliminating rework through errors and miscommunication.

Partnering with a metal fabrication firm that offers a complete range of services provides you with tremendous benefits. In fact, with Kanyana Engineering, you only need to do one thing: conceptualise what you want to create and we’ll get right to work. From the initial design stages up to the final deliverables, you can trust our expert staff to handle the entire production process.

In addition, Kanyana Engineering ensures each piece of equipment is handled by the most competent, knowledgeable, and experienced operators, capable of delivering precise results without compromising the metals’ structural integrity. Our industry-leading processes and project management software allow us to closely manage our timelines and keep customers in the loop throughout the production process.

From state-of-the-art technology to exceptional customer service, our number one goal is to provide a seamless experience for Kanyana Engineering clients. Get in touch about your next project and find out why our customer experience is a cut above the rest.

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Based in the Peel Region of Western Australia, Kanyana Engineering is well known across all industries. From construction & infrastructure to defence, agriculture and mining sectors, Kanyana Engineering supports business and government clients with the highest quality metal fabrication services. We also produce custom metal art and metal components to the exacting specifications of the manufacturing industry. Competent with all metals from stainless steel to copper and everything in between, Kanyana Engineering has been servicing WA’s needs for over 26 years.


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Kanyana Engineering works with domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Western Australia. 

To talk to us about your laser cutting or metal fabrication needs, get in touch with our friendly team below or visit our premises in Mandurah, Western Australia.