Project: Kensignton Career Fire Station

Architect: Tania Perrella Oldfield Knott Architects

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Customized metal art at Kensington Career Fire Station
Putting together the customized metal art at Kensington Career Fire Station

Kensington Career Fire & Rescue Station

Multilayered feature fence artwork depicting the fire service designed by Paula Hart utilising illustrations created through structured drawing workshops with local school children. The project was commissioned for the new Kensington Fire Station by the Department for Fire and Emergency Services through Western Australia’s Percent for Art Scheme. Across the 36m wide Corten background the landscape moves from the Western Australian native bush environment through to urban buildings. The powder coated feature panels of a burning tree, fire engine and fire service personnel stand off the background in a double-sided manner so that the artwork can be viewed from both sides by different audiences.

Kensignton Career Fire Station Gallery


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