Project: Metronet Government Infrastructure Project of Western Australia

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About the Project

Kanyana Engineering is proud to be part of the Metronet-Government Infrastructure Project, the largest ever investment into Perth’s public transport network. As a long-term program of projects, the Metronet is set to deliver around 72 kilometres of new rail lines and 22 new train and bus stations upon its completion. 

Kanyana Engineering has been fortunate to supply our metal fabrication services to this major WA infrastructure project alongside contractors at Knorr-Bremse Australia

Components Fabricated by Kanyana Engineering

Sand Boxes:

One of the key components we supplied to this project was the loco sandbox. This mechanism improves the braking systems of trains. 

Under the bogie of a train, close to the wheels of the locomotives, there is a hopper that stores this sand. When the train’s brakes are applied, sand from this box is sprayed onto the rails to allow stoppage at a shorter distance without the train slipping from the tracks. 

Compressed air is then used to spray the sand grains on the rails. This is especially useful in winter weather or if any oily substances are present on the rails, which can cause a loss of grip.

ASU Frames:

Kanyana also provided the ASU frames for this railway project. These frames are designed to protect and hold the electrical components and systems underneath the trains. When dealing with electrical systems, it is crucial to have precisely fabricated components. 

This infrastructure project is critical to the safe operation of WA’s transport networks. Strong and reliable fabrication is paramount to ensure these systems work safely and in line with regulations. Our team performs extremely high-quality welding processes to ensure these frames are strong, durable and long-lasting. 

Kanyana Engineering’s in-house TIG & MIG welding capabilities give us the flexibility to complete all kinds of welding projects for light infrastructure needs. As the Metronet vision continues to evolve, Kanyana Engineering will continue to support the construction of rail infrastructure and fit-out of vehicles for transit.  

We are proud to be working on a project that will positively change our city and the way West Australians travel. Read more about the Metronet project.

Project Details

Photo Courtesy of Kanyana Engineering

Loco sandbox

Loco sandbox



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