Graham Dawe

Graham Dawe is the Managing Director and Works Manager of Kanyana Engineering. With decades of experience in the metal fabrication industry, he is dedicated to keeping Kanyana at the forefront of the sector’s technological growth. Looking beyond the process itself to holistic, integrated CAD, CAM and MRP solutions, Graham believes Australian manufacturing has an enduring place on the global stage. In Kanyana Engineering’s state-of-the-art workshop in Mandurah, WA, Graham delivers an exceptional standard of work for commercial, industrial and government clients alike.

Laser Etching vs Laser Engraving: What Is the Difference?

On the surface, the concept of laser marking products seems relatively straightforward. However, there are actually various methods that can be used depending on the material and the design. Laser engraving and laser etching are two very common marking techniques used in a range of industries. If you are in the market for laser engraving …

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