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Press Brake Folding & Bending in Perth

Press brake folding and bending is an integral part of Kanyana Engineering’s metal fabrication services. Our team of experts understand the intricacies of this highly technical metal fabrication process. As the knowledge specialists in the industry, we use our experience and training for the benefit of our customers, ensuring reliable and precise outputs.

Why is Kanyana Engineering the best Perth region contractor for metal folding and bending?

We have the capability to fold and bend a variety of wide range of metals including: 

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What is CNC Folding & Bending?

CNC folding and bending is a metal fabrication process where metal is folded or bent with absolute precision. The specific angle and configuration is based on the customer’s requirements and models and accomplished using sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) metal folding/bending equipment.

Combined with our staff’s technological expertise, we are confident that we can provide every customer with the highest quality of CNC folding and bending services in Western Australia. Our capabilities extend to almost all applications and industries, accomplished with speed, precision and flexibility.

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Our Folding & Bending Equipment 

For optimal results delivered on-time and on-budget, your metal bending contractor should be working with top-of-the-line-equipment. Ask any veteran metal fabrication technician – they know that precision equipment and tooling (coupled with knowledge and experience) is required to produce quality results.

Kanyana Engineering’s workshop houses state-of-the-art specialised folding and bending equipment:

No matter the type, quantity, and specific requirements of the metalwork needed, our equipment assures you of quality end-products without compromise. While there are distinct technical differences between the above systems, making them best suited to specific projects, they all share similar sophisticated features:

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Precision Press Brake Folding & Bending in WA

Made possible by the superiority of the press brakes we have in-house, Kanyana’s metal folding capabilities are extensive. Here’s a quick look at the output capacity of our Bystronic press brakes (in terms of tonnage, bending length, and maximum working speed):

The Bystronic Xpert Pro

The Bystronic Xact Smart

In addition to the above, our powerful Yawei Press Brakes round up our superior equipment and allow us to offer precision CNC folding and bending for a wide variety of applications.

Examples of our metal folding and bending capabilities include:

The industries we proudly serve include the creative arts, construction, infrastructure development, electrical, agricultural, mining, government & councils.

Benefits of CNC Folding & Bending

Folding and bending metal using advanced CNC folders and press brakes offers the following production capabilities:

If you also require delicate or complex bends, we can help you achieve that, too. Our equipment lets you enjoy the benefits of both flexibility and precision, with complete certainty that the angle is correct and the integrity of the material is maintained.

It’s important to note, however, that metal folding and bending projects need to be analysed carefully before production begins. By understanding the finished metal components’ applications, we can ensure the end result is achievable and fit for purpose – particularly vital when it comes to industrial components and construction materials.

To ensure accuracy and on-time delivery, Kanyana employs in-house production and design staff dedicated to producing compatible CAD + CAM prototypes (2D & 3D modelling), ensuring each model is viable and avoiding costly manufacturing mistakes down the road.

There are few challenges that we can’t handle, but we’d love to have an obligation-free discussion to explore the requirements of your project. Contact our team for more information and to arrange a meeting.

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Why choose Kanyana Engineering for Metal Bending & Folding in WA?

When searching for expert metal bending and folding in WA, there is no one better to serve you than the team here at Kanyana Engineering.

Kayana Engineering is your number one service provider for metal bending and folding in Perth and surrounding regions. Why?

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