Backyard Privacy Ideas: 11 Cheap Ways To Block Neighbour’s View

Everyone has different experiences with their neighbours. Some are good mates who will share a barbeque, while others are barely on a first name basis. However, no matter what type of neighbours you have, there is one thing you always need from them–privacy. 

It does not matter whether you are friends with your neighbours. You still need privacy from them. You should be able to enjoy the comfort of your backyard without prying eyes. We all enjoy privacy in our homes, and our backyards shouldn’t be any different. Luckily, there are several ways to increase privacy in your backyard. 

There are various structures you can add to your backyard to increase its privacy. Some creative solutions include placing hedge walls, trees, bamboo panels, traditional fences, vertical garden walls, brick feature walls, residential metal art, pergolas, or gazebos.

You’re probably wondering how much this will cost you. Luckily, it doesn’t have to set you too far out of pocket.This article will teach you eleven cheap ways to block your neighbour’s view! You are one step to having the perfect boundary around your territory to achieve the personal space you rightfully need!

What Are Some Inexpensive Backyard Privacy Ideas?

There are many ways you can prevent your neighbours from seeing over your fences. To determine the best solution for your home, ‌consider the space, budget and degree of privacy you need. From here, you can utilise anything from planters, high walls, metal arts, panels, gazebos, and more. 

Not all these will be ideal for your home. Choose the best screening ideas to block your neighbours out and increase your privacy based on your needs and preferences.

Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the backyard privacy idea that suits you are:

  1. Space and Location – The location of your home and the size of your backyard will determine the best choice of material for this project. For instance, trees are a great way to form a ‘screen’ between your neighbours, but your home will need a large yard and healthy soil for them to grow.

    Some neighbourhoods and local councils may have guidelines regarding the exterior  appearance of your home. Check with your local council or building management before erecting any new structure for privacy at your home.

  2. Cost – Make a budget and stick to it. If you’re on a low budget, look for inexpensive backyard privacy ideas that suit your budget. There are plenty of options for every budget.

  3. Durability and Quality – Inexpensive does not have to mean poor quality. Your screen has to be durable and can stand the test of time. Consider the local weather when choosing the durability of the materials for this project.

  4. Efficiency – Make sure your idea does its job effectively. Did it block your neighbour’s view? By how much? Partially? Completely? The result must suit your goal in the first place.
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What Can I Use To Block A Neighbours’ View Cheaply? 

Here are the best inexpensive backyard privacy ideas:

1. Laser Cut Metal Privacy Screens

Keen for a modern, artistic, luxurious look? Go for laser engraved metal art in the form of a fence topper or privacy screen to add privacy to your backyard. 

As the name suggests, privacy screens are decorative and functional pieces with your choice of design. These can be installed on outdoor fences and walls for height, used to fill open spaces in a porch or gazebo, or even installed as standalone screens.

Sturdy, long-lasting, inexpensive, and ideal for large and small spaces – not to mention their timeless look – custom metal screens are a top choice of most people as a backyard privacy measure. Laser-cut screens not only look great but also add privacy without blocking out light or fresh air. 

Metal privacy screens will last much longer than bamboo or wooden screens, which can deteriorate in a single season. You can also customise the appearance with a powder-coated finish in your choice of colour. 

Wondering how much it would cost to add metal privacy screens to your backyard? You can get pricing estimates on Kanyana Engineering’s residential metal art page. Select your design, your choice of material, and your preferred size, as well as any finishing processes. 

Many metal art providers in Australia only offer standard sizes and designs. However, Kanyana Engineering creates custom sized laser cut screens, with your choice of design, metal and finishings. 

View Kanyana Engineering’s range of privacy screen and fence topper designs

2. Trellis & Lattice Panels

Decorative, functional, inexpensive and easy to find–these are some ‌reasons many people choose to have lattices and trellises installed in their backyards for increased privacy. 

Lattices are strips of wood, metal, or plastic interlocked to form a structure. Once a structure is formed, a frame is added to complete the look and help it stand on its own. On the other hand, trellises are strings or wires entwined to use as support for plants (especially climbing vines).  A lattice can become a trellis once it is used as plant support. 

Lattices are usually used as porch or backyard decor. But you can place them strategically in a portion of your backyard you want to be blocked from your neighbour’s view. 

On the downside, lattices and trellises only cover a small portion of your yard unless you want to surround the perimeter of your whole yard, which, in this case, will not look decorative.

3. Hedge Walls

Achieve a classic and elegant look while maintaining your privacy by using hedge walls. Hedge walls are also called living walls because they are made up of towering green foliage, lush flowers often shaped as rectangle walls or other shapes, and sometimes, 3D letters.

Hedge walls effectively cover your backyard and are ideal for spaces too tight to plant full-grown trees. They are also great in shading your yard from direct sunlight and are a great decor feature in any yard.

Hedge walls can be made up of live or artificial plants, and both are affordable, sturdy and efficient. However, live hedges will take time to grow and must be constantly maintained. But once achieved, the result will offer privacy with the benefits of greenery in your backyard. 

While easier to install, artificial hedge walls might not be as sturdy, and are a less sustainable choice than live plants. 

4. Pergolas & Gazebos

If you love spending your time outdoors to eat, read a book, or just relax while still having some privacy, consider building a gazebo or pergola. 

A pergola is a type of framed archway covered with trailing or climbing plants. They are commonly found in gardens, parks and front or backyards. A gazebo is different as it is a completely roofed structure. Typically, a gazebo will have an open view of the rest of the garden or yard. 

Instead of totally being outside, why not build an outdoor shaded open room? These structures are easier to screen than the whole of your yard. Just put up a curtain or privacy panels around them and you’re good to go. They create a perfect outdoor space with complete privacy from your neighbours. 

You can add extra privacy to a standard pergola or gazebo with laser cut metal screens in your choice of colour and design.

5. Trees

Trees are a great way to add privacy to your backyard. If planted strategically around your yard, trees can act as your fence and keep your yard out of your neighbours’ view.

Trees might be the cheapest way to screen your yard, yet, the most delicate and sensitive. Before you plant your favourite trees, be sure to examine the soil in your yard to make sure it is suitable. You will need to have the right conditions in your location to ensure your trees will thrive and continue to grow in your yard. 

It will be worth researching different types of trees and selecting a kind that will be best suited to your backyard. 

6. Privacy Plants 

Similar to hedges and trees, planting privacy plants around your garden can create a beautiful and natural screen between you and your neighbours. This privacy method will take some strategy and creativity but will have beautiful and effective results. 

Some of the most common privacy plants grown in Australia are coastal rosemary, ornamental gold bamboo, photinia, dwarf magnolia, bottle brush, lilly pilly and Hardenbergia.

Privacy plants are an inexpensive way to add some seclusion to your yard. Once you purchase an initial few plants, you can use cuttings from the mother plants to grow even more. This adds to your collection and fills the blank spaces around your garden. 

7. Bamboo Panels 

Bamboo fencing and screening is popular in Australia and around the world because bamboo is cheap and sustainable. As a bonus, it’s a great tool for increasing privacy in your yard, though it doesn’t last as long as metal screens, especially if not maintained well.

By sticking bamboo poles or sticks side by side, a bamboo panel is made. This can be used as a fence and an effective way to block your yard. Given that it is cheap and sustainable to produce, a bamboo panel is very affordable. Bamboo also gives an attractive and exotic appearance to your backyard.

8. Colorbond Fencing 

Colorbond fence is made up of Colorbond steel, a material specifically made to withstand Australian weather and other outdoor conditions. It can be a great substitute for concrete, wooden or metal fences in an Aussie backyard. 

Colorbond steel is made up of Zincalume core, a durable material that is resistant to corrosion and painted with top-grade paint finish. Aside from durability, a Colorbond fence requires low maintenance. You can leave it the way it was installed, and it will not rust or corrode easily. 

This makes a Colorbond fence a perfect option to increase privacy in your backyard. However, Colorbond fences are more pricey than your ordinary steel but still relatively affordable. Colorbond is not ideal for laser cutting, so if you’re looking for a decorative privacy screen, powder-coated aluminium in your choice of colour is a viable alternative. 

9. Brick Feature Walls

If you prefer the industrial look, a brick feature wall is a great option to add privacy to your home. A brick wall can act as a fence to block your neighbours view of your yard while adding a stylish feature. 

You can use actual bricks made of stone or clay or you can use modern materials, such as tiles, to create the brick look. These walls do take an upfront investment to install, but once built, they are easy to clean and maintain too. If you want to create more of a feature, you can enhance the surrounding features and add plants around the wall to make it a focal point in your yard. 

Brick walls are easy to build and very sturdy. It would also cost you less because it does not require additional polishing or painting which is a great bonus. To add more of a decorative appearance, consider some outdoor wall decor ideas to make your space unique.   

10. Traditional Wooden Fences

When it comes to fences, wood or timber is the most popular material to use. It is durable, costs less than concrete or metals, and is easy to install in any shape. And of course, they provide the best privacy from your neighbours. 

With proper installation and treatment plus constant maintenance, wooden fences last a very long time. Some of the most common wood used as fences in Australia are eucalyptus, cedar, pine, mahogany, fir, ash and birch. 

You can use these wooden materials to create fences in many shapes or sizes. This means you can choose a specific design that will complement the style of your home and backyard. You can opt to paint your wooden fence if you want to add colour to the space. 

Regardless of the style you choose for your fence, when it is positioned well in your yard it will give a great amount of privacy. However, installing a new fence is one of the higher-cost options to add privacy. 

11. Vertical Garden Wall Planters

Vertical garden wall planters are basically the same as privacy plants, except that they use hanging plants vertically on walls, fences or panels through pots and planters to create privacy in your yard. 

A vertical garden beautifies your yard while screening it, too. It is ideal for small spaces with little ground areas to plant a garden. This option is best for those who want to increase the privacy in their backyard without compromising its look and style.  

Using this method to create privacy will take some time as you need to care for and maintain the plants. Be sure to choose plants that will thrive in the conditions in your location and if you don’t have a green thumb maybe opt for varieties that require less care. 

How Tall Can I Build A Fence For Privacy On My Property?

According to the Australian Fencing Standard, there are different fencing height requirements for each state.

  • Victoria – Fences above 2 m shall need permits to be built
  • New South Wales – 1.8 m maximum height
  • Queensland – 0.5–1.8 m
  • Northern Territory – Requires a permit for fences above 1 m
  • South Australia – Up to 2.1 m without a permit; higher than that needs a permit
  • Western Australia – 1.2 –1.8 m
  • Tasmania – Requires permits for fences higher than 1.2 m

What Can I Put On Top Of My Fence For More Privacy?

A fence topper is something you can attach to the top of your existing fence to increase its height. These are sometimes referred to as a fence extension. This is a great option to increase the privacy in your backyard while also adding a decorative element to the space.

There are several types of fence toppers you can choose from. These include wooden or vinyl lattices, pickets, wooden panels, or decorative balusters. However, one of the best options is metal art pieces. You can attach metal art to metal fences, wooden fences or even brick to add height and privacy. 

Residential metal art fabricators can create decorative pieces that suit the style of your home in the form of laser-cut metal fence toppers. This is the perfect way to add height to your fence, increase your privacy and add an attractive element to your space. 

Related Questions

What Can I Plant To Block Neighbour’s View?

Trees, bamboos, privacy plants, live hedge walls and other plant species mentioned in this article shall be a great selection of plants you can use to block your neighbour’s view.

How Can I Get Privacy In My Backyard Without A Fence? 

If you live in a fenceless residence, try planting some trees, flowering plants or other shrubs to get privacy. You can also hang outdoor curtains or install privacy screens or lattices.


This article is published in good faith and for general informational purposes only. Kanyana Engineering does not make any warranties about the ongoing completeness and reliability of this information. Always seek specific advice on your metal fabrication project to ensure all variables are taken into consideration.