Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting complete in-house sheet metal fabrication from concept to completion

Metal Products for the Perth Area

  1. Balustrading
    stainless steel
    Our balustrading and balcony's are designed and customised specifically for your home or commercial premises. Our experienced and qualified team will work with you to create a balustrade or balcony of the highest quality standard.
  2. Design & Commercial Art
    metal art
    Commercial Art & Design
    Kanyana Engineering not only produces some of the most beautiful Art Pieces and High End Products, but also commercial and mining products for Australian companies in various industries and private enterprise.
  3. Metal Screens
    metal screens
    Metal Screens
    Specialising in design and custom metal art screens. We have the diversity and creativity to create a beautiful and unique art laser cut screen to suit your budget and space.
  4. Stainless Steel
    stainless steel
    Stainless Steel Commercial
    Kanyana Engineering Pty Ltd have over 30 years experience working with stainless steel; producing high quality precision stainless steel fabrication products, components, art-works and fixtures servicing a wide industry.
  5. Stainless Products
    letter boxes
    Stainless Products
    Kanyana are leading specialists in Stainless Steel Fabrication and supply and manufacture an almost limitless range of high quality stainless steel products. Kanyana can manufacture any item to your exact specifications and requirements, to precisely fit your installation and situation.
  6. Vehicle & Marine
    vehicle canopy
    Vehicle & Marine
    Welcome to Kanyana Engineering's KMB 4x4 range of products and custom made accessories. Kanyana Engineering design, manufacture and distribute a complete range of marine and vehicle solutions to suit most vehicles and most requirements.