Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting complete in-house sheet metal fabrication from concept to completion

Laser Cutting from Bunbury to Perth

Laser Cut
Metal Cut Screens

Custom Made Screens

  1. metal screens
    LED laser cut art
  2. metal screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  3. metal screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  4. laser cut screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  5. metal screens
    Custom metal art screens
  6. metal art works
    Custom decorative metal screens
  7. metal screens
    Design metal screens
  8. laser cut screens lighting
    LED laser cut art box
  9. laser cut screen
    Personalised family art screen
  10. metal cut art
    Custom decorative metal screens
  11. laser cutting perth
    Design metal art
  12. metal laser art
    LED Light metal art box
  13. metal screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  14. laser cut art
    Personal art work
  15. metal art perth
    Laser cutting for commercial areas
  16. metal signage
    Commercial signage
  17. Laser cutting
    Laser cutting gates
  18. metal cutting
    Laser cutting gates
  19. metal cutting
    Custom decorative metal gates
  20. Laser cutting
    Under kitchen laser cut light box
Kanyana specialise in designing and manufacturing laser
cut privacy, decorative or art piece panels. Custom panels
can be used many different ways:
  • Metal laser cut screens
  • Built-in for room divider partitions or privacy screens
  • Design element directly mounted to walls, ceilings or archways
  • Lighting decorative boxes or panels
  • Components to doors or other furniture applications
  • Window coverings
  • Landscape screening
  • Feature artwork
  • Fire pits
  • Gates & fencing

With a broad range of materials/metals and finishing options we
can provide a perfect laser cut feature concept to meet your needs.
Price is determined by the art preparation time, size, metal
type and laser cutting detail.  

Turn this into.....                                                                   This....

Metal cutting
Light box

Laser Cut In-House Design Screens

Our laser cut metal decorative screens are custom made and measured to suit your area and requirements; using our latest CNC laser cutting, punching and folding & welding technology.  We can design a screen for you or you can choose from our extensive design range available.

Whether it's decorative or privacy screens, sculptures, garden edging, garden lighting, fire pits, signage, powdercoating, and much more, here at Kanyana Engineering you are coming directly to the manufacturer, all process are done in-house saving time and costs on your next project.  

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  1. Laser cutting
  2. Laser cutting
  3. Laser cutting
  4. Laser cutting
  5. Laser cutting
  6. Laser cutting
  7. metal cutting
  8. Laser cutting
  9. Laser cutting
  10. Laser cutting
  11. Custom laser cutting perth
  12. Custom laser cutting perth
  13. Custom laser cutting perth
  14. Custom laser cutting perth
  15. Custom laser cutting perth
  16. Custom laser cutting perth
  17. Custom laser cutting perth
  18. Custom laser cutting perth
  19. Custom laser cutting perth
  20. Custom laser cutting perth
  21. Custom laser cutting perth
  22. Custom laser cutting perth
  23. Custom laser cutting perth
  24. Custom laser cutting perth
  25. Custom laser cutting perth
  26. Custom metal cutting perth
  27. Custom metal cutting perth
  28. Custom metal cutting perth
  29. Custom metal cutting perth
  30. Custom metal cutting perth
  31. Custom metal cutting perth
  32. Custom metal cutting perth
  33. Custom metal cutting perth
  34. Custom metal cutting perth
  35. Custom metal cutting perth
  36. Custom metal cutting perth
  37. Custom metal cutting perth
  38. Custom metal cutting perth
  39. Custom metal cutting perth
  40. Custom metal cutting perth
  41. Custom metal cutting perth
  42. Metal cutting perth
  43. metal cutting perth
  44. metal cutting perth
  45. Metal cutting perth
  46. Laser cutting Mandurah
  47. Laser Cut Screens
  48. Laser Cutting
  49. Laser Cutting Perth
  50. Metal cutting Perth
  51. Metal cutting Mandurah
  52. Perth Laser Cutting Screens
  53. Laser cut screens
  1. Metal Screens
  2. Metal Screens
  3. Metal Screens
  4. Metal Screens Perth
  5. Metal Screens Bunbury
  6. Metal Screens
  7. Metal Screens
  8. Metal Cutting
  9. Metal Cutting Bunbury
  10. Metal cutting
  11. Metal cutting Perth
  12. Metal cutting southwest
  13. Laser cut screens
  1. Laser Screens
    Metal laser cut light box
  2. Metal Screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  3. Custom Screens
    Custom decorative metal screens
  4. Screens laser cut
    Laser cut screens
  5. laser cutting
    Laser cut metal screen gates
  6. laser cutting
    Custom decorative metal screens
  7. Metal cutting
    Corten laser cut screens
  8. stainless steel cutting
    Mirrored laser cutting signage
  9. laser cutting
    Laser cut fire pits
  10. laser metal cutting
    Decorative metal screens
  11. Laser cutting
    Decorative metal screens
  12. Metal cutting
    Solar letter box
  13. Metal cutting
    Solar letter box
  14. Metal cutting
    Laser cut metal gates
  15. Metal laser cut art
    Metal laser cut art
  16. Metal cutting
    Laser cut metal signage
  17. Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth
    Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth
  18. Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth
    Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth
  19. Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth
    Laser Cutting Bunbury to Perth