Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting complete in-house sheet metal fabrication from concept to completion


From design to assembly, Kanyana Engineering meets and exceeds clients expectations.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Perth

We can provide from design to production

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  1. Custom Manufacturing
  2. Sheet Metal Fab
  3. Fabrication
  4. Custom Manufacturing
  5. Balcony
  6. Sheet Metal Fabrication
  7. Sheet Metal Manufacturing
  8. Stainless Steel Fabrication
  9. Fire Pit Custom Made
  10. Commercial Stainless
  11. Sheet Metal Fabrication electrical boxes
  12. Sheet Metal Fabrication welding
Kanyana Engineering has the capacity for additional processes to deliver the customer the full advantage of not having to outsource or utilise valuable time in dealing with multiple companies for the one end result. This is a major advantage for Kanyana Engineering’s customers, as most laser cut shops do not offer other services to their clients.
Production Control is the key to being able to keep up in the industry and customer expectations, Kanyana uses the latest ERP Manufacturing Systems to do this. Another key aspect is the ability of Kanyana's highly skilled production team, to take customers projects from concept right through to the finished product.
With full in house drawing and programming to meet all client needs and requirements, which is an integral part in the design stage of any project, not to mention the cost savings of rework through elimination of design faults.
Kanyana Engineering have been involved with many facets of sheet metal manufacturing for many industries:
  • Mining equipment/parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Kitchen; commercial or private
  • Military requirements
  • Tooling design & fabrication
  • Sinks & surrounds
  • Food manufacturing
  • Components covering many industries
  • General sheet metal
  • Modifications to vehicles & equipment
  • Balconies
  • Design 2D/3D CAD & CAM
  • Precision laser cutting to 25mm
  • Custom fabricated sheet metal
  • Prototype components (one off & runs)
  • TIG/MIG Welding
  • Product Assembly
  • Signage
  • Industrial enclosures
  • Lockers, cabinets & utility boxes
  • Metal panels
  • Metal electronics components
  • Safety products
  • Screens; security or decorative
  • Security gates
  • Architectural steel work
With the obvious advantages of fabrication, designing, guillotining, folding, MIG/TIG welding, rolling, polishing and assembly all in house, the customer receives exactly what they expect to have delivered, every time.
Kanyana offering the existing services and the latest laser cutting technology cutting up to 25mm giving them the ability to take any project from pre-production prototypes through to production runs.