Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting complete in-house sheet metal fabrication from concept to completion

Metal Cutting Services in Perth

Kanyana Engineering Laser Cutting Services
Since its formation in 1997 Kanyana Engineering has become one of the few manufacturing Companies that have recognised and been successful with introducing laser cutting services for their clients in the Western Australia.
We are just one of the very few sheet metal manufacturing companies in Western Australia and the only company in the South West that has acknowledged the benefits of offering the complete package of advanced manufacturing equipment under one roof. Their sheet metal engineering solutions have reduced manufacturing lead-time across the supply chain.
The skill, ability and knowledge of our technical Manufacturing Engineers will rapidly reduce your lead times, resulting in a more cost efficient, quality guaranteed part.
Kanyana’s highly automated sheet metal fabrication company is a leader in their industry, they work with client companies to produce better engineering products, more cost effectively and on time. Specialising in all steel fabrication their high levels of process automation and quality control allows them to be consistently trusted with intricate projects from design to final assembly.
At Kanyana Engineering we set the standard others try hard to follow. Our policy of giving the customers what they want when they want and at the right price is of paramount importance.
Laser cutting provides a perfect cut every time, even on the hardest of steels. Complex contours, small holes and narrow webs come off the laser clean and burr-free.
Only computer controlled Laser Cutting can give consistency and accuracy throughout a job.
Only computer controlled Laser Cutting can can give consistency and accuracy throughout a job.
  • High precision
  • No micro-cracks, fragmentation or chipping
  • Shorter turn-around than conventional cutting
  • Clean, square edges
  • Reduced waste
Our Laser Machines can handle sheet sizes 3000mmx1500mm:
  • Steel up to 25mm
  • Aluminium up to 12mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 16mm

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